River Muonionjoki -adventure

  • Day trip 1 - 2 person / 400 €


Fishing day on River Muonionjoki


  • Duration: all day
  • Includes lunch, coffee, life vests, guide and the boat

River Muoninjoki -adventure can also be done just focusing on rafting. Then we'll leave the fishing gear out and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful nature, river and rapids.

Stay in Kuttanen, fishing in River Muonionjoki, lakes in wilderness and Arctic Ocean

  • 3000 € / week


Accomodation and guide for 4 people.

Fishing in River Muonionjoki and lakes in wilderness included.


Ask for an offer for an other periods.


Visit to Arctic Ocean for separate fee.

Fishing permits, transfer etc.

  • Fishing permits:


  1. Tornion-Muonionjoki-Könkämäeno, 2502
  2. Fisheries Management Fee
  3. Service fee for obtaining fishing permits for You 10 € / person


  • Airport transfer service 350 € / group