Experience the most memorable fishing adventure in Kuttanen, Enontekiö, Finland. We have fishy and clear waters!

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Day trip:

The best spots in river Muonionjoki

During the day's fishing trip, we raft eight rapids down to Vähäniva and fish the best spots, which cannot be reached without the boat.


We'll make coffee by campfire and have a lunch. Close by are top spots for fishing by the shore.

Stay a week or the time you like: 

The best spots in river Muonionjoki, lakes in wilderness and Arctic Ocean

A well-equipped, comfortable house with sauna and comforts is at Your disposal in Kuttanen, Enontekiö, Finland.


Day trips with a guide to the best fishing spots on River Muonionjoki. You can fish salmon and grayling from a boat and shore.


We go to the lakes in wilderness also, catching pike and perch. For a separate fee You can visit Norway, spend a night, catch sea trout and saithe from the Arctic Ocean.

Tailored fishing adventure for You: 

Beautiful nature, clear waters, silence, catch of a lifetime

We have a wonderful setting.


Let's make your fishing trip a versatile experience that will give you joy and strength long after the trip.