Guiding Services in Kuttanen, Enontekiö, Lapland

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Kuttanen Fishing Adventure Trips organises memorable fishing trips around Kuttanen village in Enontekiö, Lapland. Read more about our full service trips below and contact us to book a holiday of your dream.

Fishing Camp

Book a private fishing camp for your own group in a beautiful surroundings by the Muonionjoki River in Enontekiö, Lapland. You will camp in a tipi-like tent which accommodates ten persons. There is a closed fireplace to warm up the tent during chilly summer nights. On the camping spot, you can find also a grill for cooking, wood for the fireplace and dry toilet.


You have the possibility to fish salmon and big grayling from both, Finland and Sweden, sides of the Muonionjoki River as well as from a boat on excellent spots.There are also four Savage Gear's floating devices, which make fishing even more adventurous.

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Fishing Trips

Other Activities

  • River fishing adventure 400 € / 1-2 person
  • Fishing day on the Muonionjoki River
    • Route: Kuttanen - Palojoensuu
    • Duration: All day


Experience unforgettable fishing moments in Kuttanen, Enontekiö.

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River Fishing Adventure

A full day river fishing adventure on the beautiful Muonionjoki River. On this adventure we will start our trip from Kuttanen and will continue downstream on the river all the way to Palojoensuu. The total length of our trip is approximately 20 km. There will be exciting rapids and excellent fishing spots along the way, and there is a good chance to catch big grayling and salmon.


The duration of this river adventure is all day, and during the day we will have a break by the campfire with coffee and grilled sausages. Besides, life vests, fishing rods and transfer back to Kuttanen are included in the price.

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